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Why is Rams Hill Considered the Best Course in San Diego County?
T2 = Terroir and Tom Fazio

To be truly great, both wine and golf courses depend on exceptional earth, or as the French say, the Terroir, which embodies geology, geography, climate and soil characteristics.

Rarely do they all come together, but when they do, the Terroir gives birth to greatness.

Blessed with great Terroir, Tom Fazio created an exceptional golf course, truly a masterpiece on a remote Southern California, mountain hillside overlooking the desert floor and nestled in the center of the immense Anza Borrego State Park.

 The natural elevation changes make each hole distinctly different: not too steep, and not too flat.  Rams Hill’s many lakes, streams, waterfalls and never ending mountain vistas add to Rams Hill’s unrivaled sense of serenity and enjoyment.  Tom Fazio couldn’t have done it without the exceptional Terroir.

          This is a totally new golf course. Not the old, Ted Robinison Rams Hill course built in the early 80s that most people remember.  In fact, only a privileged few have played this formerly private course which will be open to the public in November, 2014.  Fazio finished the course in 2008, but due to the recession it was closed for a few years.  Under the direction of the original architect every green and bunker has been restored to its former pristine condition.

          The course now has its own wells that overlie a separate and balanced aquifer.  While some of the water levels in the Borrego’s northern aquifers have dropped over 100 feet, the aquifer that supplies Rams Hill’s water is at the same level it was over fifty years ago. Because Rams Hill uses less than half the water consumed by other desert courses, we consider ourselves to be one of the most water conscious courses in California.  Our solar facility (in the development stage), state of the art irrigation system, bio-retention basins, reduced turf areas, unique driving range, and the introduction of only native draught tolerant vegetation in the surrounding landscaped areas are only a few ways we have demonstrated our commitment to being a good neighbor and creating a sustainable future for our community. 

          This November you will be able to enjoy the newly re-opened Rams Hill Golf Course and clubhouse.  We promise exceptional golfing and dining experiences.

          Click here to book a tee time online or call us at (760) 767-3500.

Come for the solitude, sunshine, slower pace and so much more!

          There is a tremendous sense of community among the 326 home owners who live within the Rams Hill gated community.

          Nestled in the center of the immense Anza Borrego State Park, Rams Hill offers a unique sense of serenity with unrivaled vistas. The gently sloping terrain offers the right amount of elevation change to make each hole distinctly different: not too steep and not too flat. The mountains make for the perfect backdrop for pristine Bent grass greens protected by white sand bunkers and crystal blue lakes.

A stone’s throw from the hubbub and traffic of SoCal, we offer a small town environment.

          The nearest stoplight is 50 miles away! There are no big box or chain stores. The slower, uncomplicated pace and scenic beauty combine to produce a tranquile, authentic desert experience. 

Get away and get a sense of relief the minute you get here!

          This is a special place, in every season. But remember – you don’t have to live here to play golf here. In fact, we have quite an international flavor, as people come from all over the world to enjoy the warm winter days, jeeping, hiking, horse back riding, cycling, mountain biking, off roading, and of course tennis and golf. .

We’re not Palm Springs.

          Our proximity to Anza Borrego State Park limits development in the surrounding area. Traffic is non-existant except on Fridays when we all meet at the Farmer’s Market. And while some might think of Palm Springs as our competition, the people here pride themselves that we’re not Palm Springs! 

          The folks here are more “green,” preferring cycling to fighting the traffic on Palm Springs’ congested roads. There’s something special about waking up on a cool morning, coasting down the street and making that left hand turn on our way up and over Yaqui Pass. We’re more about the desert than the bling of Palm Springs. We come here to get away from the city; the Burger Kings, stop lights, traffic and Jiffy Lubes. We’ve put  these nerve racking annoyances in our rearview mirrors. Today, Rams Hill represents the bargain in gated community living for Southern California.

Water problems? Solved? Drink in the beauty!

          Water equals life for Rams Hill Golf Club.

          We offer a full range of housing, lodging, dining and entertainment options. There are numerous homes and condos located on the course that are available for rent and the famous Casa del Zorro Hotel and Spa is only a golf cart drive away.

Click here to book a tee time online or call us at (760) 767-3500.

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